Word to the Wise


Word to the Wise Show was created from the mind of Curator, Radio Personality and Indie Enthusiast; Wise Allah Just Be.  W.T.W. focuses on the soul of the New York City indie music scene creating a dynamic platform that highlights, celebrates and creates conversations around the lost culture of true indie artist. W.T.W emphasizes on the very core of hip-hop: lyricism, message and story-telling. Spinning some of the hottest records from the underground and featuring special guests like, Latasha “LA” AlcindorTyrone Briggs, and JaDon. W.T.W. is keeping the culture alive and well. The shows ever-growing audience base of over 1K listeners tuning in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8p-10p. It was only a matter of time before the show gained international praise with listeners from Great Britain, Denmark and Germany.


W.T.W. is a direct bi-product of the millennial “woke era”. This is not your average indie radio show. Radio Host, “Wise” brings his refreshing and informed opinions generating narratives around topics like spiritual enlightenment, social/economic issues and the African diaspora. Wise states, “I’m righteous with the magnetic piece, and I use that pice to attract my people.” 


The show’s diversity, raw approach and new age outlook makes them the “safe haven” for indie artist in the tri-state area. Word to the Wise will continue to delve into the heart of the culture and into yours. 




Word to the Wise Show (est. 2017) East Harlem, NY; is an urban/indie music radio show under the Hipster Radio umbrella. 


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