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Damn Kavvy!

Damn Kavvy, back at it again with the visuals! To celebrate his birthday, Harlem native Kavvy Garcia delivers a new track with a video to go along with it called “Avenue”. The uptown lyrist combines the street mentality with his own personal level of wordplay to make “Avenue” a dope jumpstart to the new chapter in his life. “Avenue” was produced by the in-house producer DJ Lont and the video was shot by May Ten Studios. “Avenue” was shot in lower Manhattan, giving you a true New York City feeling to compliment Kavvy’s authenticity as a NYC rapper. Check out the video below and enjoy Hip Hop in one of it purest forms.​

"Everything Takes Time" Just a Single?

Coming off the success of his second album “While you were Sleeping”, Truth City is back with a new single entitled “Everything Takes Time”. The single is filled with sounds of relief yet determination, content yet searching for more. So is this a single or a message? Well i was able to catch up with TruthCity, asked about the new song and his intentions. I was able to sniff out a new album in the works. As our conversation continue i started to noticed that TruthCity was different. While speaking about new experiences through traveling and how it drawn him to a bigger crowd, Truth mentioned that it helped him deal with personal issues. Meeting new fans that related to his music helped him understand people with similar problems.  When I asked has being relatable helped with making music and his direction he replied “It’s Different, I’m no longer in pain. The music now is for the culture and the community. With my life friends, family, income and stability have become positive areas in my growth. I found success through self investment. I’ve been studying the business, practicing good time management, and having an optimistic attitude towards the industry because it’s for the culture and not personal.” This quote is a pure sign of positive growth and development. So what’s the message TruthCity is conveying? “Everything Takes Time”​​


Bronx Native Uni-G is ready to show and prove his righteousness through music for 2018. With the release of his album called “Welcome to my Universe” coming January 13, 2018, many expect it to be a true classic, especially with it corresponding with his growth and development as an artist. Until then, Uni-G has given us what he called “a not so typical” single produced by himself and Q Ivory entitled “Sips Tea”. “Sips Tea” the video forces us to question society's’ demands, what’s glorified and what’s frown upon.The overall message is asking and hoping to see more self love from the black community and it's great knowing they’re artist like Uni-G that will make you question yourself. Enjoy the video below.​

A Complex Fusion Production

Daniel Miyagi and Propah Corleone are an elite rap duo known as Complex Fusion. Prepared to drop their first album in January 2018, The “boom bap” MCs released a new single called “To be Continued”. The video was edited and directed by ShotByCisco and the tracked was produced by Clipsmoke. To Be Continued has a classic Boom bap tempo attached to witty lyrics that attack social illness and promotes growth and confidence, Complex Fusion keeps New York City Hip Hop alive with its gritty nature. Check out the video below and witness a little bit of raw Hip Hop​.



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