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Right before the year was up I got a chance to sit with Hip Hop influenced artist by the name of Bernard Beckford. With his love for 90s boom bap rap and revolutionary sounds are very reflective in his art, Bernard has proven to be an exceptional artist and probably stuck in the golden age of Hip Hop but hey can you blame him? Check out some of the art work and support the culture that is Hip Hop​


Mankind is back! Harlem’s favorite Rap duo has returned with a black vengeance. Mankind presents “Black History”. If you’re a fan of soft Jazz beats, lyrical substance and Black history being a tool for references then this new album is for you. In this album you find songs like "Harriet Tub" "Cotton Club" and "The Negro League". The analogies between lyrical content and these titles makes for never heard before themes and concepts.  ManKind is a Rap duo made up for two Harlem MCs Sciryl and Illuminate. Their ferocious give and take style of rap and the promise of real original HIp Hop content Black History by ManKind is sure to be a classic. Don’t let it go over your head. Give it a listen, the tape is free so download it and give a donation to support the art and the culture.  http:// S/o to Deity Complex for its amazing production on the album. Hipster Radio give “Black History” 9 Headphones out of 10.​


Back from the success of previous release tracks “Treasure”, “Underground” and “Dealers”, Will Cee has release a full ep entitled “Will Power”. In the album the young MC explores his own thoughts process to what power means, His personal difference between love and lust, and what it means to take control of your life and to coming to an understanding that true power lies within. Supported with dope beats provided by Cassette, Stoned Zoo, KIN K!P, Wifi Boom, and Savion X, Will Power is all around dope and Hipster Radio gives is 8 Headphones out 10. Support the Indie artist, listen and buy some music!!​ http://


Victoya Venise is an independent contract worker, who focuses on inner city youth and providing a platform for them to express themselves through art and crafts. Stitching, needling, cutting and pasting are just some the work that needs to be done in her workshops. With her experience in “Do it Yourself” crafting which includes making bags, pillows, or taking a design and putting it on a t-shirt. She perfect for the job of teaching the youth and young girls to be self sufficient. Victoya true talent however is her cause and the relationships she has with her students. Take a look at some of the things being created and hear some words of wisdom from Victoya Venise herself.​

LEVEL UP!!!!!​

If you were a teenager between 2005 and 2009 in New York City then you definitely know who Chry Baby Cozie is. A Lite Feet true and living legend in the eyes of every Hipster trying to learn and show off their Lite Feet dance moves. “Tone Wop”, “Chicken Noodle Soup”, “Aunt Jackie” and “Go Stupid” are songs titles as well as names for some popular dances. What if i told you that these moves came from people? What if i told you a simple Kingdome game halftime show could leave a stamp on the Hip Hop world forever? Well it's true and these things did happen. As for Chry Baby Cozie one dance move in particular is more personal to him then the rest. It’s called the “Bad One”. Simple yet effective the “Bad One” is all about style and grace. Even the “Bad One” has some history to it, so let's hear a legend speak on one of his favorite moves. Chry Baby Cozie teaches beginners LiteFeet classes every Sunday at 4pm and Wednesday at 5:30pm 27 east 2nd avenue between 1st and 2nd Street.​



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