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Hipster Radio is an East Harlem, New York City base radio station and is officially licensed by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange through Stream Licensing. At Hipster radio we pride ourselves on true lyricism in the music we play and plan to use this music to uplift the listeners. We also incorporate the five elements of Hip Hop (MC, Dj, B-boy or B-girl, Graffiti/Art, and Beatbox) on our website. With great personalities and good vibes being radiated from our station for a fan of true Hip Hop this site and music is for you. So tune in and hear how the next generation of NYC Hip Hop is carrying the torch. Peace (Content suggested age 14y/o and up).

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Crazy Speakers

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Award Winning

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Wicked Balance

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Mental Collection

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Powerful Volume

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