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Hipster Radio, East Harlem, NY is an indie radio station licensed by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange through Stream Licensing. Our mission is to bring our listeners the best of New York City through musical expression, diversity, culture/arts, spirituality, community engagement and current events. Hipster Radio strives to redefine the definition of the indie hip-hop radio station and be an advocate for positivity in the community. We pride ourselves on being a mecca for great music, content, and good vibrations that flow from our station to your ears.


Tune into Hipster Radio and get the inside scoop on today’s millennials; paving the way for the next generation of hit-makers and moguls.


Disclaimer: Some content may not be suitable for children 14 and under.

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Crazy Speakers

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Award Winning

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Wicked Balance

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Mental Collection

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Powerful Volume

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